Volunteering – food forest

The food forest is created, designed, managed by a team of volunteers.

We want it to go from this:

To this:

The Food Forest team have set up a charitable trust, the trustees are:

Brent Cairns – Chair, food forest designer.
Kath Adams – funding and local knowledge.
Lesley Ottey – school contact, educator, recycling expert, contacts for recycling materials.
Shirley Cairns – creative, enthusiast gardener, food forest designer.
Lucy Nicolson – young gardener – knowledgable about plants & mushrooms.
Michael Fox – artist, designer, eco gardener.
Natalie Leary – teacher of Maori, Maori liason, keen gardener.
Glenn Foley – licensed builder.

If you would like to be a volunteer to give us a hand please let us know… we would love to have you… this project is going to provide a great deal of value to the community and bring people to our township.