Food Forest and Wellbeing Festival – Te Whakaora Ra

2nd March 2019 from 10am to 4pm – at the Kaiapoi Food Forest on the corner of Cass and Meadow St Kaiapoi

Name Stall
Dave and Maryanne – Foodie Truck F1
Liz – Foodie Truck F2
Adam – Lucky Pig F3
Anna Brooker – Coffee Skills F4
Rom – Khmer Angkor F5
Andrew Leary – Rugby League fundraiser F6
Snowie Canterbury F7
Carrie Nye – New Zealand College of Massage S1
Max McMillan – Greenz Ltd S10
Rose – Bella Rosa Clairvoyant S19
Raine Clark S12
Lisa Cardwell – First Light Soy Candles S13
Ruth Ellis S14
Michelle Horn – Aunty Bees Ltd S15
Leigh Ny – LQ Colour S16
Amee – crystal lady S17
Rosemary – Tai Chi S18
Samantha Keeling – Habitat Chiropractic S26
Louise McKendry – Treehouse Yoga and Fitness S26
Lisa Amyes – Paisley & London S20
Dr Padma – Rangiora Yoga S21
Kate and Amanda – Arbonne S22
Sarah Mead School of Ballet S23
Shona Hills – Shona Crystal Lady S24
Anita Jackson S25
Nicki Stewart – North to South First Aid Supplies Ltd S11
Sonia Barrish – Back to the Wild S3
Lily Adams – Wild Moon Crystals S4
Amanda Puha-Tirikatene S5
Susan Gill – QueenBeez & Honey S6
Charmaine McGregor – Be Health & Wellness S7 Sharing with Alex
Alex Foerstmann – Pilates for You S7 Sharing with Charmaine
Tui Falwasser – toi by Tui S8
Gail Midgley – Health & Wellness for Senior Citizens S9
Stall Holder locations
Stall Holder locations
Presenters name, and Demonstration type Demo Time
Rosemary – Tai Chi Demo 10.00
Louise McKendry – Treehouse Yoga and Fitness Demo 10.45
Sonia Barrish – Back to the Wild – Cooking Demo Demo 11.15
Rom – Khmer Angkor – Cooking Demo Demo 11.45
Sarah Mead School of Ballet Demo 12.15
Tui Falwasser – toi by Tui – Weaving Demo Demo 13.00
Alex Foerstmann – Pilates for You Demo 13.45
Dr Padma – Rangiora Yoga Demo 14.15
Anita Jackson – Energy Clearing Demo 14.45

Five great ways to promote WellBeing
Connect: Build connections with people around you and Connect with Nature!!!!
Be active: Boost your energy and mood by doing something active.
Take notice: Be curious about the world and savour the moment.
Keep learning: Learn something new to boost your confidence and have fun.
Give: Do something nice for someone.
An extra one .. we are in a food forest – Eat a healthy balanced diet

Wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction
Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to the overall health of an individual, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what they want out of life

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well – being for all at all ages is important to building prosperous communities

Heke tipu oranga, he taonga tuku iho, ka pakanga ake, aue te aiotanga, te manawanui.
Persist in the battle and journey for wellbeing, it is a treasure handed down from the heavens, then comes confidence and peace.

Get ready to refresh yourself…