Food Forest ideas

The Kaiapoi Food Forest enduring purposes are to connect, nourish, educate, and inspire. With that aim, volunteers have come up with the following ideas:

  • Pizza oven onsite
  • BBQ
  • Community fridge and community book swap
  • Have a worm farm and bug farm
  • Have creative seating
  • Climbing gazebo
  • Wind chimes to add ambiance
  • Water sculpture
  • Info boards
  • WIFI onsite
  • Containers onsite as a storage area and learning centre
  • Signage for trees and plants, with Q codes with information
  • Playground and Playhouse
  • Have art and sculpture
  • Have a beehive
  • Poly tunnel for growing plants and eductaion
  • Have tools for removing high up fruit…fruit hooks
  • Barrels to collect water
  • Exercise areas
  • Onsite power and water

Whilst not all of these ideas will happen, we want more and more ideas so the food forest is enduring.

Someone asked about water on site and power and where can we wash our hands etc…so how about washing our hands with water that is heated from Compost?

The food forest is reliant on volunteers. If you would like to be involved in the food forest, please send us a message by filling out the following form.

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