Volunteering – food forest

Joining a  volunteer team is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get involved in Food Forest. No previous experience is necessary, and we’ll give you all the tools and training you need to get started. For your safety, please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.

Tasks depend on time of year and the condition of the Park, but are generally like this:

Volunteer Team

Volunteer TIME – We meet each fine Wednesday from 4pm onwards you will find  people planting, weeding, foraging and learning about how we created the food forest… if you want to join us, you would be so welcome… if you want more details text Brent on 027 2224767

In autumn and winter we are planting, pruning and preparing for summer…as we get so many visitors in the warmer months

Fridays between 3.30-4pm we have a bread and bun delivery to the fruit and vege stand… come along and connect with some wonderful people… and grab some bread

The Food Forest team have set up a charitable trust, the trustees are:

Gordyn Hamblyn – Chair and food forest and permaculture educators

Brent Cairns – food forest designer, educator of kumara growing, pruning, grafting

Kath Adams – funding and local knowledge.
Lesley Ottey – school contact, educator, recycling expert, contacts for recycling materials.
Shirley Cairns – creative, enthusiast gardener, food forest designer.
Natalie Leary – teacher of Maori, Maori liason, keen gardener.
Glenn Foley – licensed builder.

If you would like to be a volunteer to give us a hand please let us know… we would love to have you… this project is going to provide a great deal of value to the community and bring people to our township.

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