Food Forest Events:

“Edible weeds: Intro to foraging.


Everyone is welcome especialy if you know very little or nothing about foraging. We’ll have a nice walk around the area, treasure hunting for the most commom plants we can eat or use for teas and even some medicinal plants if they happen to be on our way. We’ll concentrate on a few plants that are easy to find and to identify and we’ll discuss in details how they can be used. Hands on experience culminating in a wee salad and a herbal tea we’ll be creating during the walk. Weather you come by yourself or with your family or friends you are very welcome on Wednesday evening, the 24th of March to the beautiful Kaiapoi food forest. So more people can enjoy the new skills we made them koha based. Any gold coin donations are welcome and if you don’t have any just bring your good energy with you🌺 My name is Inga, i’m a community gardener and forager very passionate about teaching these skills to anyone who doesn’t know yet about how incredible the world of plants is