Kaiapoi Food Forest vision

A food forest and nature does not grow large areas of one plant species. Nature prefers biodiversity, not monocultures! Mixing different types of plant together makes them grow better. It creates a natural synergy that benefits all the plants involved. The plants as a result are more resistant to pests and disease, and are more productive.

The Trust have developed the following ethos to ensure the food forest is enduring – connect, nourish, educate, and inspire.

Connect –

The food forest will be a place for people to gather, forage and eat food,
Volunteers working together will maintain the area,
Sheltered areas will foster picnicking and great places for children to play,
The food forest will be a tourist destination,
We will grow food and medicinal plants traditionally foraged by Maori,
Food related events will be developed i.e. harvest festivals and
Community groups will be invited to hold events.

Nourish –

Food forest layers work in harmony to remove the need for harmful sprays,
Medicinal plants along with food will be grown,
Trees and plants many being heritage will be grown for taste and nutrition,
The food forest design and layout will nourish the mind, body and soul,
Food Forests bring birds into the urban area,
Will be beneficial to insects and bugs, i.e. bees,
Utilising multiple layers and making the most of both horizontal and vertical space,
Diverse variety of plantings grown and
Plantings will be chosen to provide a range of food on a 12 monthly basis.

Educate –

A learning centre will be developed for adults and children to learn,
Participate in the growing of plants without chemicals,
Provide a healthy and safe volunteer environment, i.e. completion of a hazard review before working in the food forest,
Website (http://kai.net.nz) and Facebook to share ideas,
Signage, website and labelling will educate about the plants
Native and Heritage plantings will provide alternative food,
Traditional plants and trees to educate how Maori traditionally used these plants,
What to eat and how it can be prepared and
Cooking of food.

Inspire –

Artworks will be found scattered throughout the food forest,
Creative seating will be throughout,
Access to the food forest will be unlimited,
Food security and sharing of resources,
Great place to meet people, learn new skills and enjoy food.
Growing of Kaiapoi fruit salad trees,
The design requires less labour, no pesticides, no fertilisers, no digging,
The design will inspire visitors to grow food in a different way,
The design will off-set climate change,
Duplicate the design and concept,
Layering allows more food produced in small area, with less intervention and cost
The design will use less water and
The design works with mother nature.

An enduring food forest will be a valuable legacy for the entire Kaiapoi community.