Fabulous Planting day – thank you to everyone who contributed

Thank you to all of the lovely people and businesses that made today’s planting day so special… people came from as far away as Oxford, Amberley, Rangiora and Waimate…
CBK Craft Bar & Kitchen Kaiapoi for providing vouchers and putting together the loyalty program….everytime you visit CBK, if you can mention the food forest when paying the bill, a portion of the profits goes to the food forest.
Woodend Nurseries for providing a great deal on the plants and trees.
Ouruhia Nursery for donating a Bay tree.
Ken Batchelor from Hook Bush Nursery in Waimate for donating many plants and lovely apples.
Thank you to all of the families for coming along and special thanks to the entire Smit family for coming along and donated many plants thank you Cassandra Smit, David Ayers and Marilyn, Sanne Susan Mullink-Holland for coming along to help….and all of the others…thank you.

Below is a list of some of the plants and trees that are now in the food forest.

On Sunday evening… the Food forest was sent the following message…

For those that missed the prizewinner for the Cubby House – the randomly chosen winner, and the most nominated, is…………..the Food Forest Kaiapoi – kai is in our name….well done guys and we will be in touch!!!!!!

We will require permission from Council and have to ensure that we create a safe environment… but wow..being most nominated is super awesome

List of some of the plants we planted

5x Kakabeak

5x Kowhai Dragons gold

10x Chamomile lawn

10x Thyme

1x Apple Montys surprise

2x Blueberries Blue crop

2x         “              Tasty Blue

2x        “               Blue dawn

2x        “              Blue magic

2x        “              Rahi

2x        “              Maru

2x        “             Powder blue

2x        “             Sapphire blue

2x         “            Tiffs Blue

1x Cherry Compact stella

2x Kaffir lime (large grade)

1x Cherry Lapins

1x Grapefruit Golden special

1x Lemonade

1x Bearss Lime

1x Limequat

1x Mandarin kawano

1x mandarin Silverhill

1x Encore

1x Tangelo Seminole

1x orange Cara cara

1x orange Harwood late

1x Hazelnut Barcelona

1x Corylus Avellana

1x olive Verdale

7x orange berry

1x Persimmon Fuyu

1x Phormium Tenax

1x Horopito

1x Kanuka

1x Fig Mrs Williams

1x Fig Vlassoff

2x Pomegranate

1x Plum Damson

1x Logan Berry

1x Amelanchier Canadensis

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