Working at the food forest

Fixed Term Contract to further its strategic plan the Kaiapoi Food Forest is looking to employ a co-ordinator.
This plan is drafted to ensure the Food Forest is well maintained and provides opportunities for people to gather food and learn about the principles of food forest food production.
The Board is keen to build on the excellent reputation earnt up to now of providing information to schools and other organisations about food gathering and natural ways of growing food plants.
The position is part time, initially 10 hours per week and would suit a person with an interest in permaculture, gardening, food production

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Job Description for Administrator / Co-ordinator

Purpose: To ensure the KFF’s activities are planned and co-ordinated so that the values of the organisation are furthered.

Administrator reports to the Chair of the Board.

Working relationship: To facilitate the work of the KFF a close working relationship with the Operations Manager is required.

Hours of work: 15 per week: To be negotiated between the administrator and Trust Chair.

Conditions of Work:
1. Hours are flexible and to be recorded weekly with written time sheets given monthly to Chair
2. Location of work is flexible
3. A telephone will be provided for contacts to the Kaiapoi Food Forest and other Trust business
4. Working conditions will meet all employment law requirements

1. To ensure the decisions made by the Trust Board are carried out.
2. To receive all communications to the Food Forest through telephone, mail or email.
3. To organise the activities of the Trust by ensuring the correct person is / people are, available to carry out the activity and appropriate resources are available.
4. If required, to organise appropriate venue for activities. Note: Most will be on site.
5. To advertise any activities planned for the Trust.
6. To arrange meetings with potential supporters, media and Council staff when required
7. To ensure all Trust members are informed of activities carried out between meeting through emails.
8. To work with appropriate people and agencies to ensure the KFF is known as a positive resource for food sustainability activities within the community
9. To liaise with the governing group of the Food Resilience initiative.
10. To further community engagement with schools, pre schools etc by liaising with interested groups and community networking forums.

Social Media:
1. To operate the Trust’s website
2. To use Facebook and any other appropriate platforms as a means of communications with the community

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